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Arizona Car Accidents–What You Need To Know

Far Too Many Accident

Were you injured in a Phoenix area car accident?  You’re not alone!

Arizona has some of the deadliest roads in our nation. Drivers in the Phoenix metro area face one of the most hazardous commutes our country has to offer.  A new national traffic safety survey places Phoenix in the top 10 list of America’s least safe cities to drive.  At Cluff Injury Lawyers, we “Get Tuff” on negligent drivers.  Whether you’ve been rammed from behind by a speeding truck or T-boned by a distracted driver, we’ve seen it all.  We have a crack team of car accident professionals prepared to build a winning case and make sure you get every penny you deserve from the careless driver’s insurance company. 

Do you need to hire a lawyer after your car accident?

If you have no injury or only very minor complaints following an accident, you probably don’t need to hire an attorney.  But if you have serious injuries and expensive medical bills, you need an experienced, qualified lawyer who knows how to fight for your rights against the insurance company on the other side.  You need a lawyer you can depend on to “Get Tuff” and get the results you deserve.  

How much will hiring a lawyer cost?

The simple answer is that hiring the right car accident attorney costs you absolutely nothing. At Cluff Injury Lawyers we will resolve your personal injury claim on a contingency fee.  This means that we are paid only a percentage of the substantial sum of money we recover for you.  At the end of your case, we collect money on your behalf and send you a substantial check net of our fee and any out of pocket costs we have advanced in preparing your case for settlement.

At Cluff Injury Lawyers our main goal is to make that check we send to you at the end of the case as large as possible.  We’ve been doing that on behalf of accident victims for years and we are good at it.  Over the years, we have obtained both record setting settlements and verdicts on behalf of our clients. 

Will my case have to go to trial?  

Not likely.  The vast majority of personal injury cases settle.  But our cases tend to settle for higher values because we prepare them the right way.  Insurance companies are not stupid.  They know if a case is strong or weak.  They can tell if your lawyer is prepared to fight for you. Being prepared allows cases to settle for their highest values.    

When should I consult a lawyer?

There is no question about it, the time for a seriously injured accident victim to call us is right NOW!  Time is absolutely of the essence.  Take it from a team of lawyers who have been battling insurance companies on behalf of injured car accident victims for decades.  The sooner you have the right lawyer on your side the better your ultimate claim will be.  Delay is your enemy.  Delay is the insurance company’s friend.  Don’t let costly innocent mistakes ruin your case because you failed to act swiftly to lay the proper foundation for your injury claim.  Call us as soon as you can.  Click here to schedule your free case evaluation.

What should I do right after the car accident?

You need to follow several important steps.  You have certain duties under Arizona law.  Call us right away.  We can help guide you.

  1. First and foremost do a self assessment.  If you’ve been seriously injured, don’t do anything that might cause you further injury. If you are able, you are required to check the injury status of other people in your car and any people in other vehicles involved in the accident.
  2. Call 911 and request that police be sent to the scene. 
  3. If no one involved in the accident has a serious injury that is “apparent” and if no one involved in the accident has died, you have a duty to move the motor vehicles involved in the accident off the main traveled portion of the roadway.
    1. This duty to move vehicles applies only if any vehicle can be moved safely and under its own power (you don’t have to push a vehicle out of the way).
  4.  You have a duty under the law to render reasonable assistance to any person injured in the accident.  This includes a duty to call and arrange for the transport of the injured person(s) to a doctor or hospital for treatment if the need for treatment is “apparent” or if the injured person requests transport.
  5. You have a duty to give your name address and registration number of the vehicle you were driving. 
  6. You have a duty to show your driver’s license to the driver or occupants or any person attending any other vehicle involved in the accident. 
  7. When police arrive, you will need to present your driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance to the investigating officer. 
  8. When talking to the police about the accident, remain calm.  Do not be confrontational. Be polite, clear and accurate as possible when answering any questions from the police about how the collision occurred.  Do not guess or speculate.
  9. Ask the police for a document containing the officer’s name, the police report number and the names, contact and insurance information of the other drivers involved in the crash.
  10. If you have a camera or cell phone take photos of any damage to the vehicles involved in the accident. Also take photos of the area to capture road and weather conditions as well as any important traffic signs or signals. 
  11. Seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries from the nearest hospital or treatment facility.  Even if you’re just sore or tense, make sure you receive a careful evaluation.  Very serious injuries can be ignored or veiled by the adrenaline, shock and confusion caused by a car crash.   
  12. Even if you believe you were not at fault, you probably have a duty under your policy to report the accident to your insurance company.  You are not required to give a statement containing a detailed explanation as to how the accident occurred. To avoid making any costly mistakes let Cluff Injury Lawyers take care of notifying your insurance company.  

Why should I hire Cluff Injury Lawyers? 

  1. You can’t afford not to.  Our experience has shown that people without an experienced lawyer to assist them in preparing their personal injury claim end up with far less money in their pockets to compensate them for their serious injuries and damages. 
  2. There are so many pitfalls that can cost you dearly if you don’t have an experienced personal injury attorney handling your claim as early as possible.
  3. Preparing a strong personal injury claim designed to obtain maximum value for your losses requires careful planning, preparation and methodical action. You can’t afford to miss windows of opportunity to add tremendous value to your claim. Developing a max value personal injury claim is a step by step process that requires taking the right action at the right time.
  4. At Cluff Injury Lawyers we can help you find the best and the most effective health care providers to make sure that you get the medical attention you absolutely need and deserve. We are often able to help you find doctors or therapists who will give you the care you need at no upfront out of pocket cost to you.
  5. We are highly trained professionals ON YOUR SIDE.  We have decades of experience in taking on insurance companies and making them pay what our clients deserve. 

Time Is Critical

Immediate Investigation

After any car accident involving serious injury, Call Cluff Injury Lawyers.  In any serious car accident , visiting and investigating the scene of the accident is required as soon as possible.  Any witnesses must also be interviewed.  Any reports prepared by local police, state police or federal investigators must be reviewed.  Any important physical evidence from the scene and the vehicles themselves must be identified, and preserved.  By finding and preserving necessary evidence the accident is reconstructed by experts who can determine the position and speed of the vehicles involved at critical times. 

Let Cluff Get Tuff

Insurance companies like to treat car accident victims like a number. At Cluff Injury Lawyers we say “Let’s make it a BIG NUMBER!” Our Car Accident Team at Cluff Injury Lawyers will perform an extensive accident investigation and if necessary a complete reconstruction.  Don’t let the insurance company get away with short changing you.   If negligence was involved, we will find it.  We will get you the answers you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.

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