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NEGOTIATING POWER The vast majority of personal injury cases are resolved by Settlement, but the only way to get a good Settlement is to negotiate from a position of strength.…

Good writing is important, but it is not sufficient. You will not be able to create a powerful demand package unless you have first done the work necessary to obtain…

KNOW YOUR PURPOSE Why are you writing a demand letter? This may sound like a strictly philosophical question without any practical implications, but it is not. With any kind of…

The rules and procedures of our civil justice system are intended to encourage the settlement of lawsuits. Under the Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure, unless the judge finds good cause…

MOST CASES SETTLE, BUT . . .  Most people have heard that personal injury cases usually get resolved by settlement rather than by trial. Yes, that is true. But you…

In this article, I will provide a general overview of the most important points to consider when deciding whether to file a personal injury lawsuit.  THE DECISION BELONGS TO THE…

FILING A LAWSUIT Personal injury lawsuits are commenced by the Plaintiff filing a complaint in court against one or more Defendants. The filing of the complaint is the first step…