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Why is Brigham Cluff a Personal Injury Lawyer?

By user on September 9, 2014

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There were several moments in my career where I felt that I ought to focus on serious injury and wrongful death.

Early in my career I was doing a lot of transactional work and it was a tremendous education for me. I learned a lot of very interesting and useful information at that point in time. Let’s be honest it was very boring also, and I remember fairly early on as I was documenting various real estate transactions that, wow, this is just not me. I want to be an advocate, I want to be a trial lawyer, I want to be in the courtroom, I want to be making my case cross examining witnesses, plotting out strategy for how to handle a case.

That realization dawned on me fairly quickly, as I began my legal career, that that’s where I wanted to be. In the years that followed, I did develop more of a litigation practice, but still it was largely commercial litigation that I was involved in. Disputes between businesses or a lot of real estate financing litigation.

That was actually excellent preparation for the type of practice that I’m involved now and that I have been involved in over the last several years, which is high-end personal injury and wrongful death litigation. That was an excellent … I don’t want to say it was a training ground because those were real cases with a lot at stake, but it provided a perfect environment for me to be able to hone my litigation skills.

As I got to doing more trial work and more deposition work, I felt like this is where my strengths lie. I want to do what I’m best at, what I have the most natural talent for and that’s it. I’m a big believer in playing to your strengths and doing what you’re best at and that’s why I have focused my practice now towards trial work and trial advocacy.

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