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What is a Dog at Large?

By Cluff Admin on July 3, 2020

Any dog that is known to be vicious or aggressive, is not permitted to be “at large”.  Any owner who fails to contain or restrain such a dog is guilty of a crime.  A dog is considered to be “at large” if it is neither confined by an enclosure nor restrained by a leash. 

No person in charge of any dog shall permit their dog to be in a public park, or on any public school property unless the dog is physically restrained by a leash.    

Any dog (whether it is known to be vicious or not) which causes injury to any person while the dog is at large, the owner or person(s) responsible for the dog when the injury occurs is fully responsible to pay the person injured for damages suffered.   

Interestingly, a person is considered to be a dog’s owner if the person has been “keeping” the dog for more than 6 consecutive days.  

Why Do You Need a Dog Bite Attorney Now?

Immediate Investigation is essential.

After any dog bite involving serious injury, Call Cluff Injury Lawyers.  Following any serious dog bite incident, gathering all the facts and evidence related to the incident is required as soon as possible.  Any witnesses must also be interviewed.  Any reports prepared by local, state or federal investigators must be reviewed.  Any important physical evidence from the scene of the incident must be identified, documented with photos and/or videos, and carefully preserved.

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Insurance companies representing the owners of dogs who bite like to treat accident victims like a number. At Cluff Injury Lawyers we say, “Let’s make it a BIG NUMBER!”  Our Dog Bite Team at Cluff Injury Lawyers will perform an extensive incident investigation.  At Cluff Injury Lawyers, we represent people injured by dog bites.  We relentlessly pursue your claim to get you the answers you need and the maximum compensation you deserve.