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Arizona Personal Injury Claims Law & Procedure

  1. How to Negotiate a Personal Injury Settlement
  2. Demand Package Preparation
  3. Powerful Demand Letters: Knowing Your Purpose & Audience
  4. Settlement Conference or Private Mediation
  5. What happens if the other side will not agree to a settlement?
  6. Making the Decision to File a Lawsuit
  7. Getting Your Lawsuit Started
  8. Expert Witness Disclosures
  9. Disclosures and Written Discovery
  10. Depositions
  11. Expert Witness Depositions
  12. Jury Trial-The 2 Months Before Trial
  13. Jury Trial-Selecting the Jury (Voir Dire)
  14. Jury Trial-Opening
  15. Jury Trial-Proving the Case
  16. Jury Trial-Closing
  17. Jury Trial-Verdict and Judgment

All About Arizona Depositions