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Phoenix Man Killed and Woman Injured in Motorcycle Accident

By user on December 9, 2012

Date: Saturday, August 27, 2011

A yet to be identified man was pronounced dead on the scene and a woman traveling with his was sent to the hospital with life threatening injuries due to a single vehicle motorcycle accident Saturday night. The man was likely speeding near Estrella Mountain Regional Park as he took a turn on 143rd Avenue and Indian Springs Road. Sergeant Jesse Spurgin was quoted as saying, “The road ends in a T, and he wasn’t able to negotiate the turn and went through a barricade.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports, “Motorcyclist fatalities in single vehicle crashes account for about 45% of all motorcyclist fatalities.” Due to the very high percentage of single vehicle fatalities a study was conducted by the government association, which is sponsored by the US Department of Transportation, to help discern possible causes. Findings from the FARS data showed…

  • More riders age 40 and over are getting killed
  • More motorcyclist fatalities are occurring on rural roads
  • High BAC levels are a major problem among motorcycle operators
  • Half of the fatalities are related to negotiating a curve prior to the crash
  • Over 80 percent of the fatalities occur off roadway
  • Undivided roadways account for a majority of the fatalities
  • Almost two thirds of the fatalities were associated with speeding as an operator-contributing factor in the crash
  • Almost 60 percent of motorcyclist fatalities occur at night
  • Collision with a fixed object is a significant factor in over half of the fatalities
  • Braking and steering maneuvers possibly contribute for almost 25 percent of the fatalities
  • Helmet use among fatally injured motorcyclists below 50 percent and,
  • Almost one third of the fatally injured operators did not have a proper license.

When you combine not just one of the factors above but 3 contributing factors; Saturday’s motorcyclist was driving at night, negotiating a turn and suspected of speeding, you have a recipe for disaster. Passengers of motorcyclists have rights and it is important to remember that when you are injured or if you have a loved one who was killed while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle that you deserve compensation for your injuries, loss of income, medical expenses, or the wrongful death of your loved one, etc.

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