Uber Riders: Could you be held liable?

By February 22, 2016Injuries

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Have you ever considered the possibility that YOU might be liable for something that happens while you’re on your Uber ride?

It’s really not too hard to imagine some scenarios where you actually could find yourself as the defendant. For instance, you are distracting your Uber driver and so your Uber driver doesn’t see what’s happening on the road ahead and he causes an accident. Your Uber driver says, “It was my passenger back there who was talking to me or who put something in front of me. He showed me this map that he had, so that’s why I couldn’t see the road.”

Well, what about that? Yeah, you actually could find yourself being the defendant in that kind of a claim. I’m not going through all of these issues and discussing these issues for the purpose of throwing Uber under the limo. I happened to be a big fan of Uber. I was the services frequently. I recommend it to other people, but there are a host of legal issues, some of which we’ve discussed here that are brand new. They haven’t been sorted through yet and you may encounter these legal issues if you are injured while you are a passenger in a Uber vehicle.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to give me a call.

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