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Brigham Cluff is an intelligent, diligent and hard-working attorney. He listens intently before formulating a response, something I find refreshing in the legal profession. He is thorough in his preparation and eloquent in his presentation. While having to engage an attorney is oftentimes not under the best of circumstances, Brigham’s calm demeanor, personal concern and integrity put clients at ease. He remains focused on the objective and wins cases. I have employed, or fought against, more than 150 attorneys over the years and would place Brigham in the top 5 of who I would want to represent me if I needed it again – he gets results. I heartily recommend Brigham and believe you will too after you see him in action.

- Dan D.

It has been my pleasure to work with Brigham Cluff concerning legal matters for many years. I have always found his consultations and advice to be accurate and valuable in developing a strategy for resolving the issues at hand. His ability to analyze a legal matter from the finer points of the law is balanced with his experience and practical approach to resolving difficult issues. Mr. Cluff possesses one of the most difficult things to find in an attorney: someone who genuinely is not afraid to take on a challenging situation, who doesn’t shy away from the conflict that is often necessary and required on the path to resolving difficult matters.

- Evan R.

I would highly recommend Brig for legal representation. He represented us in a case that seemed like David vs. Goliath. It was very paperwork and motion intensive, and Brig handled everything very professionally and was always on task. He was fantastic representing us in the courtroom and was very prepared. He always responded to us quickly and professionally, made good arguments, and we would absolutely use him again in the future.

– Rachael E.

Mr. Cluff - Just a short note of appreciation for all your hard work over the course of this last year. The case was that was brought to you had been a real source of stress that had been smoldering for over 5 years. To add to the complication, the case involved a very good friend. It was important for me to maintain that friendship throughout the proceedings. You obtained a very favorable judgment, all while keeping us out of the courtroom. I appreciate the skill in which you juggled 5 different defendants, brought in several experts in 5 different areas of expertise, introduced other attorneys with different perspectives and knowledge of similar cases. You were well prepared for each deposition, and were always prompt in giving updates as the case progressed until resolution. You were able to resolve an uncomfortable legal matter between friends all while obtaining an incredible judgment in our favor. I appreciate the positive influence you have had in our family’s life.

– Morris and Janice O.

I have known Mr. Cluff for approximately 7 years and his legal advice and knowledge have been invaluable to me. He is the most compassionate attorney I have ever met, but when it comes to litigation, you better watch out; Mr. Cluff is an expert litigator. I would not only use Mr. Cluff for all of my attorney needs but would (and have) referred Mr. Cluff to anyone I know that needs his assistance, and if I may say so, if Mr. Cluff does not handle the specific case you require representation on, he will direct you to a qualified attorney who does. I have used Mr. Cluff for advice and consultations for different matters and he has always been the most hospitable and courteous lawyer I have met. [O]nce again do not let his hospitable and courteous attitude confuse you, he is a master of litigation and courtroom advocacy. He is also an extremely persuasive legal writer. So if you need an attorney, Mr. Brigham Cluff is definitely the one you want to have on your side.

– Donna H.

It is my pleasure to recommend Attorney Brigham Cluff of Cluff & Cluff, plc to represent you or your firm. Over the last three years Brigham and his firm have represented my institution on numerous occasions. Through those matters, Brigham and his team have provided strong legal analysis and strategy. Overall, Brigham has consistently given quality and timely consultation, which has allowed my firm to be proactive with our legal matters. I have attributed this quality to the breadth of his knowledge and his experience as an attorney. With all of this said, I take pride in recommending Attorney Brigham Cluff.

– Andrew B.

Mr. Cluff and his staff are responsive, knowledgeable, and thorough. On complex and simple legal issues, I have been impressed with their resources and expertise. I am particularly impressed with Mr. Cluff’s ability to explain complex legal principles in a way that gives me comfort and understanding.

– Jake B.

My case involved a fraudulent investment scheme. At first, I hired another attorney to try to recover my money for me, but he got nowhere, and I began to lose hope. Then I was referred to Attorney Brigham Cluff. He took a completely different approach to my case, which my previous attorney had not even thought of. Mr. Cluff immediately filed a lawsuit and aggressively pursued my case. Mr. Cluff continued to increase the pressure on the defendants until they eventually caved in and returned my investment money to me in a settlement. I highly recommend Attorney Brigham Cluff.

– Bhoori D.

Brigham A. Cluff has represented me in multiple cases. My wife and I have been very impressed with his persistent and persuasive lawyering skills. He has provided us with “best case” scenarios particular to our circumstances and has provided options for us through difficult situations. We would highly recommend him for representation in litigation, analysis and strategy planning. His writing skills were also very effective with correspondence to opposing attorneys.

– Marc and Stephanie S.

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Cluff Injury Lawyers
Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award - 1
Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award 5
Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award 6
Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award 3