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Client Reviews

Cluff Injury Lawyers
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A Few Words From Our Clients

Patricia McCall

This Law Firm is awesome with its win win attitude. Outstanding zero tolerances for nonsense from opposing counsel. Must also experience the one on one hands on help as needed. Thank you Cluff Injury Lawyers.

Colby Beckierman

Brigham and April, I couldn’t begin to thank you both for everything you did, not, only for me but my family. Highly recommend your firm to anyone in need of an attorney!

Whitney Julia Alise Nielsen

This firm is amazing. They were my advocates, helped me get the care I needed, and were up front with me about the entire process. They were clear, comforting, incredibly professional, and fair. They addressed my concerns right away and have been all around fantastic. I am so grateful that a friend recommended them. No matter who handles your case here, you are in fantastic hands.

I was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit. Unfortunately, I incurred quite a few injuries because of it. During the first visit to Cluff Injury Lawyers I had a chance to go over the details of everything that happened. I immediately felt more at ease after the initial consult. April and Lori were excellent at communicating what was happening with my case and making sure I received the proper treatment I needed. I would absolutely recommend them.

5-stars! Thank you for helping me.

Kenneth Willard

Cluff Injury Lawyers helped me get the settlement I deserved. Working with Katie was great. She was very helpful and reliable. Was able to get through the process fast and easy. Would definitely recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers to family and friends.

My daughters car was totaled by a friend of hers and the insurance company was giving us the run around… that is until we retained Brigham Cluff and his team!! Their compassion for our situation and understanding of what we needed was perfect.

They were able to move mountains and get is an amount way far and above what the insurance company has offered us. Not only that but their team came to our house to accommodate our busy schedules and hand delivered the check and paperwork.

My wife seemingly had become friends with his staff and had enjoyable conversations due to their friendliness and willingness to help out. Bottom line- if you want a team to really take the reigns and control the situation for you while keeping you in the loop in a stress free manner then this is your group. I would recommend them to anyone and will 100% continue to use them going forward. Great people!!!

Thank you.

I’ve been with Cluff Injury Lawyers for a while now and they have been professional and always keeps me informed. I would recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers to anyone who needs a great lawyer and someone who will fight for your rights!

I’ve known Cluff Injury Lawyers for over 20 years. I highly recommend them to anyone who has been injured in an accident!

I have been a client, and I consider them amazing friends. I work in the insurance business and feel very comfortable referring Cluff Injury Lawyers to my clients. They will go the extra mile to win your case for you!

Jayk Monticello

Everyone at Cluff Injury Lawyers was extremely nice and helpful. Katie and Angela kept me updated throughout the entire process and responded promptly to all my emails, texts and phone calls. I had never been through any injury suit before and they made it very easy to understand what was happening and walked me through it all. Thank you to both Katie and Angela.

My boyfriend and I were in a motorcycle accident in 2016 and were referred to Cluff Injury Lawyers by our PT. We couldn’t have been happier with making the decision to work with them! Katie and everyone else in the office are so welcoming and knowledgeable.

From day 1 speaking with them they helped answer every one of our questions, never made us feel like we were unimportant and always let us know what to expect next. If you’re looking for a law office I would definitely recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers they were amazing.

Thank you for all you’ve done for us, Cluff Injury Lawyers!

Patty was a huge help and gave me clear and thorough understanding of my case and when it came down to my settlement costs. Cluff Injury Lawyers does a fantastic job at keeping in contact with you and gives good results.

I have been working with these attorneys for quite some time. I felt they lacked communication with their client during some moments over the months. However, after seeing what they had been preparing and investigating, I could see how hard they had been working on my case.

They presented every detail with precision. I can see now why I chose them and I wanted to share my experience with you so when your reading through reviews you will know too that Cluff Injury Lawyers is dedicated to your case.

They did win MAX policy limits and negotiated with my doctors so I would have most of the settlement I deserved. They are definitely an A+ team!

If you need an attorney these are the ones you want to hire . April is very accessible, thorough and knowledgeable. Along with Lori they make a team you want on your side.You’ll be glad their on your side and not against you! We Thank Cluff Injury Lawyers for all their help during the trying times after an impaired driver hit our home and lost every thing to the fire that ensued.

Thank you guys! Steve & Sue

Cluff Injury Lawyers was suggested to me being  New to AZ when my injury happened. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great law firm Katie & Brig were amazing with my case.

I also want to thank Patty for all the help she gave me she was amazing. Jane was amazing she was always there for me and listen to me when I had questions sometime I felt like she was my therapist Jane must of found a four leave clover and put my name on it.

I will never forget all the hard work all of them did for my case and for me. I will always be grateful that I got to meet these great people.

Great Lawyers. They helped me greatly with my case. 5-stars!

Lori and April were an awesome team on helping with my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney. They are extremely helpful in reviewing everything with you. They work very hard to make sure you are taken care of. Thank you Ladies!!

Brianna Cornett

I was in a bad car accident due to someone running a red light. I was a passenger in the car and was badly injured and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. The person driving the car had the minimum car insurance which didn’t amount to much. Cluff Injury Lawyers was outstanding in getting me a great settlement. April was extremely helpful in handling my case.

She really knows her stuff. She even had my hospital bills greatly reduced to enable me to get a better settlement. She never gave up on getting me the best settlement that I could get. In fact she got me much more than I ever expected. Lori was always on top of everything when it came to keeping me updated regarding my case and signing papers. Cluff Injury Lawyers really fights for you. I highly recommend them.

Sidney Rae Paes

Katie along with her assistant was so amazing with helping me through this tough time! I would 100% recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers!!

Great law firm with excellent advice and service.

Katie and Angela Made a great team to help my daughter after a car accident that left her with long term neck and back issues. I appreciate their help so very much and would highly recommend The Cluff Injury Lawyers Team to our friends and family.

Miguel Cervantes

Such great people I wasn’t expecting to be this good thank you so much.!

I appreciate the work Cluff Injury Lawyers did on my case. They were committed to resolving any issues I had and proved in the resolution of my case how much they value their clients and their experiences with their firm. Special thanks to Katie, Patty, and Angela!

The level of genuine care and concern found here is amazing. I was amazed from day one at their level of care and that care continued throughout the case. I would give a hundred stars here if I could!

Patty and Katie were very helpful and a pleasure to work with!

Attorney April Speelmon went above and beyond to build my case due to a car accident. All my medical bills were paid plus I received a payout for pain and suffering. The whole process was very stress free and I highly recommend her.

Guadalupe Rivera

I am very happy with the help this firm has given to me and my aunt in our time of need. Thank you for helping us. If you need an attorney to fight for you this is the group that will not give up until you are taken care of. I will forever be grateful with Katie, Brig and the team.

Cluff Injury Lawyers went above and beyond to help me win my case. From helping me seek the proper medical help to get my MRI screening to find out the damage that was caused by the wreck, to treatment for my neck and back from proper pain doctors.

April, my lawyer, and Lori, my paralegal, were able to secure a substantial settlement for my case.

I’m so happy that I had the representation of Cluff Injury Lawyers and would recommend them to anyone seeking representation for an injury claim.

Thank you again April!

What an amazing team here!

Not only are they exceptionally kind, they worked extremely hard to get me the most they could for my accident. I can’t say enough about Cluff Injury Lawyers!

I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Thankfully Cluff Injury Lawyers was recommended to us by a family friend. Katie and Patty were very responsive and patient with all our questions. It was very comforting to have them in our corner during a difficult time.

If you are looking for a great team then you should go with Cluff Injury Lawyers. When I was in an accident Katie Larsen came to my house to speak with me directly. They assisted me in getting doctor’s to help with my injuries. They are a great team willing to assist you in anything you need. Can’t say enough about this group. Thank you Cluff Injury Lawyers!!

I was relieved I decided to use an attorney after my accident and I was pleased that I used Cluff Injury Lawyers. Everyone that worked on my case, April, Lori and Brig, thoroughly explained everything and was fair in all dealings with my case. I was overwhelmed with the thoughts of going through litigation after my injury so I was happy to know I had them on my side.

Believe it or not, I have utilized Cluff Injury Lawyers now with 2 car accidents personally and have recommended them to 2 of my friends after their injuries from car accidents. Needless to say, I definitely recommend!

Great service and really cared about my case. I got a great settlement from my case!

Steven Mutsaers

I’m regards to any type of issues I may have over the years, the Cluff Injury Lawyers team have always represented me with the values and integrity all Law practicing individuals should have. I can say over the last 10- years+ With the work they have performed is always me and my families interest was always considered first.

I had previously retained other counsel to handle my personal injury case. They weren’t quite as attentive to my case as I had hoped. My physical therapist had suggested Cluff Injury Lawyers to me. After meeting Brig I felt as if it’d be a much better fit and decided to make the switch.

As my case progressed I dealt primarily with Lori and April. Both were amazing and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers to anyone who is needing an attorney to help them through what can be a confusing process.

I very rarely write reviews so hopefully that shows the beginning of how grateful I am to have used Cluff Injury Lawyers. April Speelmon was my main attorney and was absolutely amazing. I unfortunately had to have back surgery which was extremely successful and then got rear ended after the surgery. It’s something you never want to have to go through or deal with but having people like April and Brig representing you makes it so much better.

There is a massive difference between them and any other average attorney. I was so appreciative to have April handling my case, she is someone who obviously truly cared about my injuries and what I was and have to deal with. That showed in every step of being represented. It’s more than just a “job” for them. They absolutely care and want the best for their clients. On top of being great people, caring and compassionate, their knowledge and skill are equally impressive.

I can not recommend April and Cluff Injury Lawyers enough, from a point in my life were I felt I had lost everything from an accident and losing the ability to do what I was used to and losing hope they were there to not only provide the best representation I could ever ask for, but gave motivation to live life, showed compassion and care. I dont think any attorneys around can match what April and Cluff Injury Lawyers provide. I would not hesitate for a second to use them or refer them to anyone.

Everyone here is very helpful and they coordinate everything you need for your situation. Katie and her team are knowledgeable and clearly explained everything I needed to know. They are all very easy to work with and I would recommend them for your personal injury case. Katie and her team made me feel well taken care of.

Julie D’Addabbo

Cluff Injury Lawyers I would highly recommend. Especially Lori Hunsaker, their Paralegal, going above and beyond guiding me through the process in what I needed to do or what she needed to settle our case.

Damon Ferreirae

Very helpful and professional. They provided excellent advice as well as amazing service. I very much recommend this group.

I thought I could maneuver through the insurance companies but decided to call Cluff Injury Lawyers after they were referred to me . They took care of the medical insurance claims and getting a fair settlement in a timely manner for Mike after his car accident. They assisted me (Carol) with all the details in a friendly and caring manner. Thank you Cluff Injury Lawyers!

PS: I already referred them to a friend.

I could not have asked for anything more. April and Lori are a fantastic team and worked diligently on my case. Highly recommended.

They worked tirelessly on our case and we were able to get a very fair settlement. Every single person we dealt with throughout the process was also very positive and enjoyable to work with. I would definitely recommend them.

I was getting stonewalled by an insurance company on what should have been a very simple straightforward claim. I was recommended to Cluff Injury Lawyers for help. I was helped by Lori throughout the whole process who was so helpful and friendly with updates.

Thanks to her, my claim was resolved within two weeks and I received five times more than I had even been hoping to make a claims on. I am so grateful to her and the work she did.

They made sure my medical claims were taken care of. Very polite and professional.

Brig is a fantastic attorney and one that I would highly recommend. He listens and is attentive and very familiar with the law. He’s excellent at arguing in court in front of the judge and gets great results.

Katie and her team handled everything quickly and compassionately from the start.

They have done an excellent job of keeping me informed and working towards the best outcome for me.

Aubrey Hunsaker

Lori is a paralegal at this firm and she does amazing work! She believed in my case when no one else did and went the extra mile to fight for me. When I got in an accident my insurance company automatically put me at 100% fault but Lori wouldn’t settle for that. She fought to get the copies of what witnesses had seen and it was turned around so the truth was brought forward and I was at 0% fault. I will always turn to Cluff Injury Lawyers and Lori for help!

It was pure gut feeling that took me to Cluff Injury Lawyers which turned out to be a very good and useful feeling. I am very thankful to ALL the people I met at their office. The case was settled fairly quickly and for that I highly recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers for their diligence and their high ethical standards. Thank you Brigham, thank you April and thank you Lori.

April and Brigham were beyond helpful in my case. It was a difficult case, and I am grateful they had my families’ best interests in mind. They come highly recommended, are quick to respond to your questions, and always able to help lift your spirit when things are tough. Thank you to everyone at Cluff Injury Lawyers!

Very pleased with the outcome of my case, it was an extremely difficult situation and they had their work cut out for them to say the least. They looked out for my best interest and went above and beyond in regards to getting me the most I could possibly get. I highly recommend Cluff Injury Lawyers!

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Cluff Injury Lawyers
Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award - 1
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Cluff Injury Lawyers - Award 6
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