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How An Insurance Agent Can Help with a Claim

By user on August 10, 2015

How An Insurance Agent can Help with a Claim – Must Watch Video

Ever wonder how an insurance agent can help with a claim? Experienced personal injury lawyer, Brigham Cluff breaks it down in this video.

Start Transcript: How an insurance agent can help with a claim

A lot of the insurance companies now, in fact, the majority of them, have an 800 call where you call and submit the claim, and they get the process started. Where the agent would get involved, and where I would get involved, is through that process, if they have questions, and maybe they don’t feel comfortable with the adjuster they’ve been given, they may want to call me and ask me, “Hey, does this sound right?” I’ll use one example where I had a client who had a claim, and the insurance company offered them x amount for their vehicle. My client did his research and says, “You know what, that’s not what the value of my vehicle is. It’s a few thousand dollars more than that.” As he called and talked to me about that, he says, “Great, let’s get that information, and let’s go to the adjuster together and present it and see if they’ll re-evaluate what they’ve done with you.” We did that. Sure enough, as long as you provide information to the contrary of what they’ve presented, they’ll look at it.

It helped having an Arizona insurance agent involved with that to guide them through that process. That’s just one example. In claims, sometimes claims can be a bit frustrating because they’re dealing with people they’ve never met before, and they feel more comfortable with the agent, so that’s where we’ll jump in as well to help. Typically, insurance companies are going to want to make sure the claims are dealt well because that’s a reflection of them, and they get rated on that when it comes to customer satisfaction is often for the way claims are handled, not how premiums are paid or what have you in policy service. They’re looking more at what the claims is because that’s their money.

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