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Common Injuries that an attorney can help with

By user on September 9, 2014

Common Injuries That An Attorney Can Help With – Must Watch Video

I would say as a rule of thumb, if you’ve got significant damages you need to be talking to an attorney. Significant damages, I define that as certainly if there’s broken bones involved in whatever your claim is you need to be talking to an attorney. Wrongful death, absolutely, no question, you need to talk to an attorney.

That is true even if you don’t think that there’s any hope for your case, or there’s any coverage that may apply to your claim, or you think that the case is very simple and doesn’t require the involvement of an attorney to prove it.

All of those reasons are reasons to consult an attorney. The value of your case is tremendously influenced by who your attorney is, so if you want to maximize the value of your case you need to have an attorney who knows how to maximize the value of the case.

You may not think that there’s any coverage for your claim. That’s part of what attorneys do is they find coverage. You may not have all the facts at this point in time, or maybe you have all the facts but you just haven’t looked at them from every angle.

Sometimes we’ll find liability from parties, potential defendants, that the client hasn’t even considered, so sometimes we can find a way to recover damages on claims where they’re not immediately apparent to the person that’s making the claim. If you’ve got significant damages, talk to an attorney.

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Here is a recap: If you have broken bones, wrongful death, are paralyzed, have serious head or back injuries as a result of an accident at work or in a car, you should consult an attorney. We take your injuries seriously and we will fight for you on your case. We hope you enjoyed reading about common injuries that an attorney can help with. Please call us if you have any questions.