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Call a Personal Injury Attorney Early

By user on September 9, 2014

Call a Personal Injury Attorney Early – Must Watch Video

There are several reasons why you should call a personal injury attorney early. In the video above, we go into great detail why making a phone call to a personal injury attorney early can greatly help your case.

Start Transcript:

When you are considering whether to call an attorney, I would highly recommend that you do. Pick up the phone, call an attorney.

Usually, you’re going to get some free advice on how you should proceed with your claim. There are just a range of possibilities that you might not even be aware of … things that you need to be considering right at the early stages of your case.

There’s some critical evidence gathering that goes on right after an injury has occurred. There are many times when I’ve come into a case but I come into the case late and I’ve lost the ability sometimes to go and preserve evidence, critical evidence.

I like to get involved in a case early. I like to be able to send letters out to potential defendants or other potential witnesses and notify them that, “Hey, I’m representing this claim and this potential claimant. We don’t even know necessarily what we’re going to do with this, we may not make a claim but I am this person’s attorney and I’m putting you on notice right now. You need to preserve this evidence. You need to preserve this surveillance video tape. You need to preserve these records.”

There’s just so many things that when I get into a case and I start analyzing it, lots of things will occur to me that we need to go to work on. It’s important to get an attorney involved early on in the process.

End Transcript


Call a Personal Injury Attorney Early

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