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My Career Track
All in the Family

I’m currently an associate attorney at Cluff Injury Lawyers.  I have the good fortune to work for the firm that my brother and father own, and I am constantly learning from them.  I was a stay-at-home mom for several years after I passed the Arizona bar exam.  After my divorce, Cluff Injury Lawyers welcomed me to the fold and has given me the support to become an effective attorney for our clients.

Arizona Dreamin'

I am an Arizona native, and, with the exception of the month of June, I love it here. My parents and six of my eight brothers and sisters live here, so I will never leave.

There are two things I wanted to be growing up:  a mom–like my mother, and a lawyer–like my dad.  Check, and check.  

Perhaps it is because I was raised by a plaintiff’s lawyer, but I truly believe that being an attorney for those who are injured is a noble calling.  I love getting justice and large settlements for our clients who have been seriously injured.  I love to help calm our clients’ worries when we take their case so that they can focus on healing without the trouble of dealing with the insurance companies on their own. 

I love people, and I try to always see the best in them.  It is a trait that I get from both of my parents, and I think it makes me a better advocate for my clients. I believe in the old adage that it is hard to hate people up close.  I find that when I take the time to really listen to people, I am always amazed at how similar our pain, frustrations, hopes, and dreams are.  It is however unfortunate for anyone in line behind me at a grocery store; I find just about everyone interesting to talk to.

Because I was raised by an angel of a mother, I also consider that a noble calling.  I have three darling sons.  My two oldest are teenagers now, and only 15 months apart.  They are best friends, and I always say that if one does not think of it, the other one will. My youngest is five years younger but he still loves to keep up with his brothers. 

My very favorite thing is going on road trips with my boys.  Recently, we drove to Austin, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana to visit two of my sisters. There is just nothing better than being together.  All three of my boys have great senses of humor, and we love to laugh together. We love to listen to audiobooks, and I give them what I call their “musical education.”  Part of my parenting philosophy is that children need to know the entire Beatles catalog in order to become well-rounded adults.  (I would list all of my favorite bands here, but it would be almost the same as Brigham’s list, so please refer to it if you are curious.) 

Music is a big part of our lives.  My boys love to join in the jam sessions at their uncle Brigham’s house.  I have a bass player, a guitarist, and a pianist, and I love to hear them hone their skills. I am a passable singer, and when we were teenagers there were many nights when Brigham and I would stay up late so that we could perfect the harmony in songs like Imagine, California Dreamin’ and Hotel California–I actually think we could still do a pretty good job of it.

  • Member of the State Bar of Arizona
  • Member of the Arizona Association for Justice (f/k/a the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association
  • Member of the Arizona Women Lawyers Association

Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law

Tempe, Arizona

Juris Doctorate (2000-2003)



Brigham Young University

Provo, Utah

Bachelor of Arts (1995-1998)

English Major