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Top 7 Deposition Tips

By user on January 6, 2015

7 Deposition Tips to help you win your case.. Watch an overview in today’s Cluff’s notes.

Cluff’s Notes – Top 7 Deposition Tips

Cluff Injury Lawyers bring a wealth of insight and knowledge to the court room.  In Brigham Cluff’s top 7 deposition tips, you will learn why it is important to prepare for a deposition and everything you need to know about what to expect..


  • Number one: be truthful.
  • Number two: don’t try to outsmart the lawyers.
  • Number three: don’t get emotional.
  • Number four: don’t guess.
  • Number five: get clear on the question that is being asked of you.
  • Number six: don’t make it easy on the lawyer who’s questioning you.
  • Number seven: stay strong.

That was a very quick list of my top seven deposition preparation tips. Remember that telling the truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth will always help you win your case.

Please view the in depth videos on my top seven tips for giving an effective deposition. Click through on any of these options and you’ll find me going into greater detail and analysis:

Tip #1 Be Truthful

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