5 Ways Your Family Can Get through the Wrongful Death of a Loved One

By April 26, 2017Wrongful Death

At some point, we will all be faced with dealing with grief over the death of a loved one. For some, a loved one’s death may come sooner than expected due to the wrongful actions of another, which can make the death that much harder to cope with. If you have recently experienced the loss of a loved one in an accident, these five suggestions may help you get through the difficult time you are facing.

1. Speak with a Grief Counselor

When you lose someone you care about – regardless of the cause of death – speaking to a grief counselor can be very helpful. Meeting with a counselor provides you with a safe space to express the emotions that you are experiencing, and your counselor can give you tools for healthy expressions, such as music or writing, and lend you support. The American Psychological Association strongly recommends that those who lose a loved one talk to someone about it, stating that the denial of death and one’s feelings can lead to isolation, depression, and sadness.

2. Join a Support Group

Another thing that can be helpful for you and your family when getting through the wrongful death of a loved one is a support group. In a support group, you are surrounding yourself with others who have shared an experience that is similar to yours, which can provide comfort and a sense of solace and community.

3. Pay Tribute to Your Loved One

It can be very hard for some people to remember their loved ones and actively pay tribute to them; engaging in the indulgence of fond memories can be very difficult. That being said, taking steps to preserve the memory of your lost family member may help you get through the pain and grief associated with their death. This may include making a photo album, dedicating a garden to your loved one, making a donation in their name, or doing a charity walk or run on their behalf.

4. Get Back to Your Routine

It may be difficult to cope with the loss of your loved one, but one of the best ways to overcome the challenges associated with his or her death is to go back to the regular routine of life. Though nothing can return to exactly how it was before, and you may have to establish some new routines, going about life is one of the best ways to help individuals overcome a death.

5. Consider Legal Options

If your loved one’s death would not have occurred but for the wrongful actions of another party, seeking closure and justice through legal action may be part of what you need to heal. A wrongful death action will not have criminal penalties for the defendant but could hold the at-fault party liable for the death. This will ensure you have a way to pay for the funeral services and the many other potential costs associated with the loss of your loved one.

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